Hello, my name is Rashid and I own a professional photography business in Chicago specializing in wedding photography and portraits.

I was born in Pakistan, grew up in the Philippines and now live in Bloomingdale, Illinois. Photographing weddings, portraits and other events gives me the opportunity to meet new people and capture important memories.

I have over two decades of photography experience which makes me sound older than I feel! I describe my work as a synthesis of posed photography and candid moments using natural and directed light to best portray the moments that unfold.

Are you looking for a photographer for your wedding or a portrait session? I would love to chat with you so that I can explain my thoughts and ideas about how I can make your photos look amazing and capture the memories that will last forever. I have very competitive pricing and offer arguably the best value around for capturing your memories. I offer a premium level of technical skill and creative vision for a reasonable price that will not break your budget. My pricing is tailored to your needs so please Contact me for more information.

For more information please click on the Contact link above or send an email to info@rstills.com

Capturing Emotion

While creating or capturing emotions I like to pride myself on photographing well timed moments that can be cherished forever.

Vibrant & Stylish Imagery

From the initial taking of the photo to the post production on every image I use my experience, skills, vision and professional equipment to bring your photos to another level.

Friendly & Unobtrusive Personality

My approach to portraits, and photography in general, is friendly – I like to think of myself as a fun laid back kind of guy and by doing this it allows me to blend in and capture the moment at it happens.

Fun & Relaxed Posing

When I’m booked as your photographer I want to enjoy myself as much as you! As you can probably tell from some of my portraits my clients have really gone for it doing some weird and wonderful things making their photos unique. It’s your day so be relaxed and have fun and I will help you achieve what you want.

Experience & Passion

With over 20 years of experience as a photographer I like to bring all of my knowledge and skills to the forefront of every booking. I like to think that my passion and love for photography is clearly reflected in my work whether it is a portrait, wedding or just something from my backyard.